New Hope-Solebury

High School

"Classrooms for the Future is about recognizing and embracing the need for high school reform, enabling teachers to use technology as an effective tool for educating students, and preparing students to enter and successfully compete in the ever-expanding high-tech global marketplace".
-Common Wealth of Pennsylvania's Classrooms for the Future
CFF Coach and Wiki Editor: Mary Schwander, NHS High School Library Media Specialist
New Hope-Solebury High School will be recieving 2 carts of Mac laptops as well as video cameras and printers. The teachers participating in the grant are:
Mr. Achenbach, Mrs. Brison, Mr. Elvey, Mr. Giorgi, Mrs. Gougas, Mr. Loving, Mrs. Pittner, Mr. Seiple and Mr. Sorensen
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"The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has released A Transition Brief: Policy Recommendations on Preparing Americans for the Global Skills Race,external image statins.jpg which offers broad proposals for forging a workforce and creating an education system that will thrive in the 21st century".

The US Department of Education's Report: Harnessing Innovation to Support Student Success and Using Technology to Personalize Education

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